Spec Rules


1280g AUW


Gemfan 7043, HQ 7x4x3


5s 2200mah

Maximum charge is 4.25 per cell! ~21.25v!


Open Source

With durability to spare!


LEDs Visible

Show off what you've got from all angles!


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The longest motor list in spec racing!


Our Custom Hex

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Spec Software

We’ve made spec racing easy for pilots and approachable for brands by developing flight control software that automatically equalizes motor performance. Grab the latest build here!

Boost Mode LogoWe want to thank Infinitee as well as all the other awesome Betaflight Developers for their hard work on this software. Please consider donating to support their efforts!

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Just in case someone needs it thrown at them…

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What's New?

Our Goal is to maintain parity with the main Betaflight project. That means you get the latest features from both Betaflight and Street League! It also means the spec software is more likely to work with the latest and greatest gear.

Current Betaflight version: 4.4

Boost Enabled

Boost Mode has been enabled! Find the best spot on the track to activate one of 3 momentary boosts to get an edge on your competitors.

Boost Setup

Modes Settings

In the modes tab, set a range for the beeper mode
This will enable the boost during flight

OSD Settings

Optional: in the OSD tab, enable “Battery Usage (graphical remaining)”
This will show boost usage and tanks remaining

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