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Season 3

2024 National Series Events

Drone pilots, gear up for the Street League National Series in its third thrilling year! With races in Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Colorado, this is your chance to showcase your skills in intense and exciting competitions. Whether you’re a pro or rising star, join us for adrenaline-fueled drone racing action. Secure your spot now and let the competition begin!

March 8th - 10th


7inch & Open Source

We’re a grassroots racing organization that hosts a season of night drone racing events throughout North America. Street League Spec is deeply rooted in open-source technology and aims to make drone racing accessible to everyone. Our mission is to foster a vibrant community of drone racing enthusiasts who share their passion for innovation, collaboration, and competition.


Season 3

We’re excited to announce the 2024 season of Street League Spec Drone Racing. Get ready for more races, and even more street cred! 


Aug 31st - Sept 2nd: Sandusky Speedway National LCQ
Colorado Regional Series
Ohio Regional Series
More Races Coming Soon
Sept 6th: Leaderboard Freeze


Oct 4th - 6th
Denver Colorado
Series Season 2 Race Schedule:

Citrus Springs, FL

Feb 10th-12th

Flite Test, OH

May 19th-21st


August 12-13th

Last Chance Qualifier, TX

September 16th

Championship, TX

September 17th
Regional Schedule:


June 25th - July 30th - Aug 27th


August 6th


August 17th


August 25th-27th


Sept 2nd-3rd

Community & Fun

Spec racing is one of the most fun and enjoyable types of racing. When everyone is on similar drones, the result is close, exciting racing that makes the most of individual pilot skill.

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Your Dream Quad

Check out our recommended parts list and start building your dream quad to compete with the one of the best racing communities on the planet. Come fly with us!


Proof of Speed

Racers that compete in the league earn a cryptocurrency called Street Cred. This allows pilots to earn their way to the championship at the end of the season.