The Kauri X Crew Bundle (6 frames)

Are you trying to get your Crew into Street League Spec drone racing?  Grab a full batch of made to order frames and get 10% off!


The Kauri X is a true X version of the original Kauri designed by Alex Dunda at Cloud10fpv.  We loved the original design for its innovative vertical carbon canopy allowing for lightning fast access to your electronics and its striking profile that really makes it stand out in a crowd.  The Kauri X features arms that are cross compatible with the original Project 399 PRIG arms and additional board mounting options in the trunk of the frame.  This product does not include 3D prints, files can be found in the github link.


Build Video:

github:  (The hardware provided with this frame is for the 35mm canopy 3D prints)



package includes 6x:

4x arms (6mm)

2x side plates (6mm)

1x mid plate (3mm)

1x bottom plate (3mm)

9x 35mm standoffs (canopy)

18x 12mm M3 screws (canopy)

2x 10mm M3 screws (spoiler)

2x M3 nut (spoiler)

15x 14mm M3 screws (arms + front and rear link)



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