Nov 2019

Project 399 Practice Rigs Proliferate Colorado

After a failed spec drone kickstarter from a prominent league, whispers of a Practice Rig League start circulating. Colorado team AXL, acquires Practice Rigs and starts working on a spec.

Jan 2020

Jordan Temkin Open Sources the Practice Rig

Jordan sets the bar by open sourcing the Practice Rig, which in turn is reflected in the rulebook. All frames must be open source. This is where it started.

Jan 2020

IKEA "Street" Races

Colorado scene starts night racing at Ikea to test the new spec racer, at this point there were caps, but not weight.

May 2021

Drone Racing Street League #1

With a rulebook and a spec, the first race was hosted and we crowned our first champion, Alex Vanover.

Jan 2022

Street League Spec is born!

We formalized the spec and rebranded as Street League Spec. We launched a new website and had a race in Vegas. Amari claimed the championship and became the first Street League Spec champion.

Jan 2023

RPM Limiter is released by Infinitee

After some of the technology we released the first year, Infintee took the matter into his own hands and created the RPM Limiter. This allows Street League Spec drone racing to keep drones closer than ever before.

June 2023

Boost Most Released

Everyone loves to boost, so we created boost mode for drones. This exciting new feature will allow racers to catch up, blow past, or stay ahead in new exciting ways.